From ‘Fleabag’ to James Bond

Phoebe Waller-Bridge has genuinely achieved her homework. Delivering herself onto a shaded couch within the Chateau Marmont courtyard, the 34-12 months-antique British auteur surveys the Sunday brunch set with the self-belief of a regular. “Before I came I examine something like ‘The 25 Most Controversial Things That Happened at the Chateau,’” she confesses, her eyes […]

Syllabus-Writing Season

As a pupil-turned-professor-grew to become-administrator, I’ve visible syllabi from several angles. September looms in the water like a drawing close dorsal fin, because of this that it’s a syllabus-writing season again. Having seen them from a couple of angles, and having seen them pass awry in any wide variety of ways, a few properly-meaning hints: […]

Writing Faster Python with Functions, Lists, and More

Python is a tremendous language that’s easy to examine (simply preserve in mind: “always indent after colons”), but it’s additionally viable that your written code ends up being quite slow. Such inelegantly written code isn’t “Pythonic,” or following with the language’s great practices (simple, speedy, smooth to study and recognize). (In a previous column, I […]