KUALA LUMPUR: The Education Ministry introduced that vernacular colleges will teach best Jawi script as a primary degree, and now not khat calligraphy.
This will handiest be completed with the consent of the scholars, parents in addition to every faculty’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA).
The ministry, in an assertion, stated this became the selection reached using the Cabinet today, following heated public debates over the coaching of the script inside the Bahasa Melayu syllabus in primary faculties.

“In its state-of-the-art discussion, the Cabinet has determined to hold its decision closing week in that the Jawi script advent stays. However, this can be applied best if agreed upon with the aid of the PTA and the mother and father and students.
“The ministry additionally determined that the segment would be named ‘creation to Jawi script’ and could best study on a non-compulsory basis to students in Year four in 2020, Year five in 2021, and Year 6 in 2021 in SJK (vernacular schools),” said the ministry.
Among the choices that the Cabinet had retained encompass that the phase would handiest cover three pages of the difficulty’s textual content ebook instead of the proposed six.
It additionally maintained that creation to Jawi script would now not be evaluated in exams and examinations.
“The Education Ministry hopes that the Cabinet’s selection on this count would now not be inaccurately depicted to the extent of inflicting confusion the various public.
“The ministry will continue to engage all parties for the advantage of the countrywide schooling gadget,” examine the declaration.
Parents and rights companies were divided over the difficulty since it came to light two weeks in the past.
Tamil and Chinese training corporations had met Deputy Education Minister Teo Nie Ching at the plan to teach Malay-Arabic calligraphy – also called “khat” writing – as part of the Bahasa Melayu difficulty for Year Four college students.
Some had complained that kids and teachers would be burdened, while others claimed that it changed into a subtle circulate toward “Islamisation.”
Chinese education group Dong Zong had also embarked on a public petition with similar entities to stop the move.
In latest weeks, 138 DAP leaders have long gone all out to fight the selection, while its adviser Lim Kit Siang had cautioned in opposition to falling into pitfalls of divisive politics.
He said that he too had learned Jawi and it did not make him less of a Chinese. Lim and most other senior DAP leaders have but have not made their stand on the issue publicly.
The problem also came to boil numerous days in the past when Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad described Dong Zong as “racist” for objecting to any move to foster cohesion.

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