The Czech School Without Borders affords opportunities to descendants of Czech expats living abroad to research the Czech language and about the us of a in general.
The NGO has a network of round 60 faculties across Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand.

Many of those schools teach Czech in line with the identical curriculum as of their domestic united states of America and provide successful students with certifications additionally legitimate in the Czech Republic. Others are much less inflexible in their curriculum and recognition on supplying a primary know-how of the language as well as Czech literature and culture.

Lucie Slavíková-Boucher, image: Magdalena HrozínkováLucie Slavíková-Boucher, image: Magdalena Hrozínková
Lucie Slavíková-Boucher, the chairwoman of the company, says that retaining this link is not handiest important to the expats themselves, however additionally for the Czech nation.

“For the Czech Republic it is very vital because if it has a generation growing up aboard that does not talk Czech, its connection with the country could be minimum.

“Children will now not visit the u. S. A. As their place of birth, however instead as tourists and the kingdom will lose out on many people who would possibly need to work inside the Czech Republic, or create some form of cooperation within the destiny.”

This philosophy is meditated in a government program for the aid of Czech language schooling in foreign nations, in addition to inside the everyday International Conference of Czech Schools Abroad, whose eleventh version has been strolling in Prague on Thursday and Friday.

Organized via Czech School Without Borders, the occasion is taking place on the Tuscany Palace beneath the auspices of Foreign Minister Tomáš Petříček and the Ministry of Education.

Representatives from both government departments have also been at the conference, a fact welcomed using Ms. Slavíková-Boucher.

“Our ministerial partners participate, debating with us the development of the legislature in favor of teaching Czechs living abroad.”

Other audio systems have protected academics from some of The USA’s leading institutions whose talks have targeted on language and literature particular topics, in addition to representatives from the DOX gallery, Post Bellum and the Václav Havel Library in Prague.

One of the focuses of this yr’s convention has been the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, a “terribly important” date according to the academic business enterprise‘s chairwoman, as it resulted in human beings having the opportunity to head aboard.

The aim of this document is to provide recommendation and steering in selecting a representative inside the subject of schooling. You may be the headteacher or main of a faculty or university, an officer in a local training authority (LEA) or faculty district, or the director of a non-public employer wishing to undertake paintings inside the educational quarter. This article focuses mainly on data and conversation era (ICT), but the underlying concepts additionally practice greater usually.
Using a consultant
Consultants, as a minimum within the UK, have a bad reputation as a species, and yet they’re in a greater call for than ever. Why? Why might any corporation choose to use a consultant rather than hiring a person? There are numerous motives for this.
Short-term paintings
Some work is, with the aid of its very nature, brief-term. If, as an instance, you’re having a new computer suite hooked up, you might want a few advice from an outside man or woman who has no awl to grind – and whom you could blame while half the body of workers whinges about the design, the system and so on!
In a consultant vicinity, inclusive of ICT, it’s quite probably that the school doesn’t have the know-how in-residence to do what it needs to do inside a selected time scale.
Although experts may be high-priced, it’s miles (or need to be) a surprisingly short-term fee. And recall which you don’t have all of the on-costs, like pension contributions. These can add up to twenty% of the earnings prices. Also, if the consultant is going on an excursion or falls unwell, you don’t incur any more expense.

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