The numbers of Home Economics and Technical teachers are to be boosted by way of a new route into Initial Teacher Education at the University of Strathclyde.

Students will be a part of Strathclyde inside the 0.33 year, having already spent years at a Scottish College of Further Education.

The course can also be open to humans who have been in paintings between gaining their HND and making use of for the direction.

The direction titled the BSc in Education and Curricular Studies with a named Teaching Qualification is because of beginning in September 2019. It could have locations for 30 students in its inaugural 12 months.

Catherine Whitley, Principal Teaching Fellow in Strathclyde’s School of Education, said: “The ability for students who preserve an HND from Scottish similarly training faculties to get admission to a brand new 4-year direction is an exciting improvement for Strathclyde.

“A key electricity of the program is that it taps right into a deliver move that has not been centered in recruitment to preliminary instructor schooling courses.

“Many schools offer flexible routes for students in acquiring their HNDs; this means that that the pool of students from which universities should recruit may be a good deal greater numerous than the ones historically recruited to PGDE courses.
“This method also builds relationships between similarly and higher schooling and, in time, universities ought to keep in mind even stronger articulation agreements between the similarly training and better training region partners, wherein there may be shared shipping across four years.
“A further power is this path is likewise open to the ones presently within the administrative center who’ve HND qualifications but have now not taken into consideration teaching as a career choice.
“Our teaching team are excited at the chance of a cohort of college students getting into year three, having already advanced first-rate realistic abilties, and sit up for welcoming them to the Strathclyde campus.
“We had been running intently with partners to deal with the instructor scarcity the united states of America is experiencing. We have the robust guide of the Scottish Government and the General Teaching Council for Scotland, within the development of this new countrywide framework.”
Education Secretary John Swinney stated: “This program creates a new and innovative pathway for humans to emerge as teachers in excessive-call for STEM-related subjects, and will also help expand the group of students capable of joining the teaching career.
“Creating new routes thru Initial Teacher Education is part of our dedication to making sure we have the right quantity of skilled instructors in faculties, and over the last three years has contributed to a 12 months-on-12 months increase in student-teacher consumption numbers.”
Students will be capable of take the primary years of the diploma at any university in Scotland and gain an HND applicable to the route. After moving to Strathclyde, they’ll take modules on Academic Literacy and Communication, Professionalism and Teacher Identity and Curricular Studies.
In their fourth 12 months, the scholars will take classes with students at the PGDE path and adopt 18 weeks of Professional Practice.
The course has been authorized by way of the General Teaching Council for Scotland.

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