Studying overseas is the most effective and handy manner for college students to expand needed abilities since it pushes a student to get out in their consolation zone to enjoy every other culture, language, environment, and training gadget. It teaches them to appreciate distinction and variety and permits them to apprehend –after which disregard – stereotypes they will have held approximately human beings they in no way met. Interaction between people from other nations with distinct backgrounds prepares destiny leaders in all sectors to address principal troubles from curing diseases to fighting terrorism and hunger across the globe.

Students abroad in figures
According to the contemporary figures using the UNESCO Institute of Education, there have been forty-four,471 Turkish students enrolled outside their domestic u. S. A. For college in 2017. This number has now not dropped under forty,000 because 2008. This manner that Turkey has always been sending a sizable variety of college students to study overseas.
Among the top destination countries for Turkish international college students, there are each traditional look at abroad destinations along with the U.S., Germany or the U.K. And non-conventional destinations including Bulgaria and Azerbaijan.
There are one of a kind motives why students pick a country or university to study. University status is one of the factors on this selection-making procedure, especially while thinking about the recognition of college rankings recently. However, this isn’t necessarily the only aspect. Students do not forget different realistic motives together with their familial or social ties inside the destination united states, the closeness of language and way of life and geographical proximity.
Student reports throughout global education are a peculiar phenomenon. The scholarly literature is shifting towards seeing internationally cellular college students as self-forming sellers who actively expand themselves inside the u. S. A context that they have a look at in.These students with international education tiers broaden themselves making use of the available possibilities inside the contexts they take a look at. As an result of this procedure, worldwide have a look at graduates can gain huge competencies, understanding, social networks that they’ll no longer otherwise achieve if they studied of their home united states.
Studying overseas has an empowering component thru which people gain no longer simplest a hazard to increase themselves however additionally higher possibilities to contribute to their home us of a.
Yusuf İkbal Oldaç, a doctoral researcher at the University of Oxford, investigates the perceived contributions to the house us of an of Turkish college students who studied in one of the four distinctly popular locations for Turkish college students — i.E. Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Germany and the U.K. Although these decided on nations have one of a kind traits and no longer all of them have universities with similar prestige ranges, there are nevertheless lots of Turkish students analyzing in them, Oldaç noted.
According to early study findings, many contributors contemplated on how they can make contributions to their home united states in a single manner or every other, even those who have now not again to Turkey after their graduation.
Since there may be an extra mounted understanding base for a way folks who again to their domestic countries after graduation can contribute to their society, I would like to present examples on how the ones who’ve now not back to Turkey give an explanation for their contributions.
In the meantime, it must be stated that not one of the examine members are government scholarship recipients for reading abroad.
This is important to be aware as there is probably distinctive dynamics for folks that studied overseas with a government scholarship.
For instance, one man or woman who graduated from a Bulgarian university and stayed there afterward mentioned how he and other international college students have become civil cultural ambassadors to Bulgaria. He gave information about the cultural activities they prepared, which includes bringing whirling dervishes to the capital Sofia and setting up scholar club connections among Turkish and Bulgarian universities.
Another participant who stayed in the U.K. After his degree training there discussed how he might assist Turkish financial system thru facilitating foreign money glide thanks to the organization he is running there currently, a global agency that invests in infrastructure around the sector.
Another participant who studied in Germany mentioned how his staying in Germany can assist construct a Turkish diaspora there and make a contribution to the voices of Turks being heard both regionally and internationally. Finally, a player who studied in Azerbaijan and stayed there afterward discussed how the business enterprise he hooked up in Azerbaijan contributes to Turkish economy in tens of millions of Turkish lira, as they have strong business ties with Turkish groups.
In brief, reading overseas no longer most effective assist students expand themselves, however additionally gives them with higher potentialities to contribute to their domestic country. This appears to be the case even if worldwide diploma education graduates do not straight away go back to their home nations after commencement.
For this reason, it is very full-size to help Turkish college students’ get entry to to exceptional educational institutions overseas.
The Fair Opportunity Project
The Fair Opportunity Project (FOP) is a Forbes 30-under-30 award-prevailing nonprofit corporation that ambitions to make the U.S. (and now the U.K.) university application method truthful, handy and unfastened for all college students around the world. Now the way to Hüseyin Atakan Keskin, a Turkish student on the University of Oxford, this task has simply started to help Turkish students out.
A crew of students from Harvard, MIT, Chicago, Yale, and Brown, at the side of the assist of pinnacle instructional experts, created a free U.S. College software guide which changed into sent out to greater than 64,000 public excessive faculties within the U.S. And downloaded in every state and in over 200 countries. Now this unfastened guide, along side two other valuable assets, is to be had for Turkish college students, families and educators.
Hüseyin Atakan Keskin, the FOP’s international director, and Cole Scanlon, the co-founder of the challenge, are master’s students at the University of Oxford who transcribed this famend venture for Turkey. These friends have been working over the past 12 months to make FOP on hand to Turkish residents, along side the help of other Turkish students who volunteered to participate in this project.
Their essential manual contains all statistics essential for students to make an aggressive software for the U.S. Schools. The Guide (Kılavuz) meticulously explains how students have to plan their time in high faculty; the way to write compelling university essays at the side of essays had been inside the widespread programs to Ivy League Schools; the way to observe for scholarship opportunities and plenty of greater details that constitutes a profound university application.
In their internet site, Keskin says that simply knowing the info to apply for the pinnacle U.S. Faculties and scholarships isn’t always sufficient to be typical. He says, “to get universal into these top universities around the arena, you need additionally make huge modifications for your life-style, the way you view the sector and your reading and running behavior.”
“Furthermore, parents additionally need to elevate their kids along with the global system and influence their kids’ choice-making tactics hence. This is why we’ve also created the Mentality Guide (Zihniyet Kılavuzu) for each student and mother and father,” he adds.
Those who dream of stepping into the University of Oxford or the University of Cambridge can now access the assignment’s “Oxbridge Guide,” which changed into created by any other Turkish pupil, Kayra Uygun, who studied at Ankara Science High School and is presently working for his undergraduate degree at the University of Oxford in arithmetic with a full scholarship. Both the Mentality Guide and the Oxbridge Guide are extra substances only created for Turkish students.

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