Twenty-nine seats inside the mechanical engineering direction at Jadavpur University and 23 in Calcutta University’s jute and fiber technology route have remained vacant this 12 months.

The emptiness trend over the past two years has brought on education experts to advise universities to keep in mind the rationalization of seats, which could involve slicing down the number of streams in publications with much less demand and increasing consumption in greater famous streams.

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Metro pronounced on Sunday how over 260 engineering seats have remained vacant at Jadavpur University this year and the number has gone up within the beyond fortnight as many college students have opted for different institutes.

Veteran teachers said there has been a time while students might by no means bear in mind quitting JU but that notion appears to have changed.

Officials at the two universities stated they might undergo the motives for the seats closing vacant.

Of the 68 seats that have remained vacant throughout nine streams in CU’s BTech programme, jute and fibre generation debts for the very best wide variety. At JU, mechanical engineering had the very best variety of vacant seats across 16 disciplines.

Partha Pratim Das, a professor of laptop technology and engineering at IIT Kharagpur, said the colleges have to verify whether or not there has been a want for rationalisation of seats.

“If a particular field is found to have vacancies in successive years due to loss of demand inside the process market, the university can always discover the opportunity of slashing seats in that move and proportionately growing seats in a subject with more call for. This allows in containing the problem of seats closing vacant in huge numbers,” Das stated.

An legit at IIT Kharagpur stated the institute had numerous years in the past reduced seats in mining engineering as there were few takers.

A JU instructor said the university ought to investigate the possibility of reducing the seats in mechanical engineering and growing consumption in pc technology and engineering, electronics and telecommunication engineering instead because the call for for core engineering courses has been at the wane over the last few years because of task crunch.

Anupam Basu, the director of NIT Durgapur, said Calcutta University need to consider slashing seats within the jute and fibre era programme. “It has the maximum variety of seats but the path appears to have misplaced favour with college students,” he stated.

Asked approximately the want for rationalisation of seats, JU pro-VC Chiranjib Bhattacharjee stated: “We need to have a look at the motives for the vacancies before taking any decision.”

The two universities might behavior counselling periods to fill the vacancies this monthMy complete life has been ruled via one simple query, “How did all of this start”? By all of this I of route am referring to our entire universe. I actually have pondered this question for over 25 years, and I am 31 years old now. Science become always my favorite subject. After I was developing up. I used to spend hours in excessive college discussing my very own mind and theories with my science instructors after school. I continued to accomplish that even when I attended the University. I learned the three most famous and time-honored theories of the day. The most popular of which is the Big Bang Theory. The simplest credit score I am inclined to give the Big Bang Theory is that it’s far feasible, but; implausible it is able to be. What maintains the Big Bang Theory alive is that there appears to be scientifically demonstrated evidence that points to it as the one and only clarification. I could argue that every one of the very same evidence that apparently helps the Big Bang can also help different hypothesis. The one sticking factor for me is the “Before Period”. What existed earlier than the singularity exploded? Where did all of that strength come from? We are speaking, after all, about all of the power contained inside all of the depend within the universe; as well as all of the free power traversing this expanse. The Oscillating Universe Theory is quality, but it suffers the identical hassle; assuming there ever truly become a starting. If the universe has continually existed then it’s miles a attainable idea. The identical holds authentic for the Steady State Universe Theory. The notion that the universe has constantly existed, and will always exist as it has all the time and ever. The handiest change on this model is the distances between galaxies, and different gadgets will increase with new matter being created; so that the universe keeps to appearance the identical in all guidelines The big hassle with this principle is that we realize the universe is not unchanging. It is increasing and does exchange. We realize that stars explode, exhaust their fuel and fade away, or weigh down themselves down into a singularity. This universe we stay in is a totally dynamic vicinity. Galaxies collide, sun structures collide, planets and moons, and an entire host of objects can spoil into one another at any second. All of it dancing to the gravitational music of the heavens. All of which factors to something but a regular country.

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