Amaravati: The Panchayati Raj Commissioner Girija Shankar said the programs for the recruitment of prestigious Grama/Ward Sachivalayam posts had acquired great response throughout.

Speaking to media on Tuesday, Girija Shankar stated that 1,33,000 Grama Sachivalayam posts could be crammed across the kingdom and 22.73 lakh candidates carried out for these jobs. The ultimate date for the web submission of the software has closed through Sunday (August 11).

She said after completing the retirement, eleven individuals personnel could be operating in each village secretariat and approximately 31,000 applicants are recruited from the municipal branch.
Girija Shankar stated that the examinations for the retirement of Grama/Ward Sachivalayam jobs will start from September 1 and could preserve for per week. She clarified that the questionnaire is to be had in languages, and technical subject papers will continue to be in the most effective English medium.

On a primary day, almost 12,50,000 candidates are anticipated to wait the examination, for which 6,000 check facilities are organized throughout the kingdom. She stated CCTV and video insurance might be taken to prevent any malpractices on the exam center.
Municipal department commissioner Vijayakumar stated the assessments for the recruitment for village Sachivalayam posts are performed in alliance with Municipal and Panchayati Raj departments.

He stated already ten percentage weightage is given to the employees working in various departments and candidates are instructed to reside anyplace they get the posting. The village/wards might be allotted based on the preferences of the applicants.
The corridor tickets may be downloaded from August twenty-second. The 150 questions will deliver 150 marks, and Negative marks technique is also carried out. For every four wrong answers, the candidate will lose one mark.
Vijay Kumar has warned that if everyone cheats candidates concerning the posts, then the crook cases may be filed in opposition to them.

How the writing check is graded
Your writing check is graded and marked from 1-nine according with four key standards, as follows:
Task Fulfillment: this worries whether you addressed all parts of the question, and additionally whether or not you fully advanced all parts of your answer.
Coherence & Cohesion: Coherence refers in your writing being clean to apprehend and brotherly love refers back to the manner it fits collectively – consisting of the best of your sentence structure, paragraphing, and use of connective devices.
Vocabulary: To rating highly you must use higher-level phrases, take note of collocation, and also control your word endings (successfully use singular/plural and use an appropriate verb finishing for an appropriate disturbing).
Grammar: To rating relatively you need to use a selection of sentence kinds (simple, compound, complicated) and also keep away from grammatical mistakes, including with articles and prepositions and sentence order mainly once they make your writing difficult to apprehend.
Special Note: In some instances, mistakes can remember in classes; as an example, many grammatical errors additionally result in a decrease rating for coherence. On the fine, it’s miles beneficial to analyze masses of connective gadgets due to the fact they could remember for Coherence & Cohesion as well as vocabulary. Part of your self-take a look at the need to be geared toward correctly the usage of it slow to maximize your grade.
How the analyzing check is graded
Your talking take a look at is graded and marked from 1-nine by four key criteria, as follows:
Fluency and coherence: Fluency is ready your capability to speak at a normal pace with out excessive hesitation and restarting. Coherence refers to your talking being smooth to understand.
Vocabulary: To rating incredibly you have to use better stage words, be aware of collocation, and additionally control your word endings (correctly use singular/plural and use the perfect verb ending for the right tense). Also you ought to attempt to reveal a potential to paraphrase and use colloquial language.
Grammar: To score notably you want to use a diffusion of sentence kinds (easy, compound, complex) and also avoid grammatical mistakes, consisting of with articles and prepositions and sentence order mainly after they make your speakme hard to apprehend.
Accent: Your grade is prompted using the level to which your accessory makes it difficult to recognize what you are pronouncing, and additionally the diploma to which you use language functions of a local speaker inclusive of intonation, pressure, and rhythm.
Special Note: In a few instances errors can matter in classes; for instance, many grammatical errors additionally result in a lower rating for coherence. On the advantageous, it’s miles beneficial to learn plenty of connective devices because they could count number for Coherence & Cohesion in addition to vocabulary. Part of yourself-look at ought to be aimed at successfully the usage of your time to maximize your grade.
Four. Do masses of practice checks and get hold of comments
Doing masses of exercise assessments is a nice manner to make yourself familiar with the particular fashion, requirements, and essential fulfillment elements of the IELTS exam. It is also a way to make mistakes with out suffering any penalty. For instance, better you find out which you have hassle with the time constraints of the exam before you virtually sit the examination. Practice assessments additionally come up with insights about the forms of questions you will be asked and the answers they require. For example, among the solutions within the analyzing examination are synonyms (phrase with comparable meanings) of phrases within the text. This is useful information because there is commonly no factor in trying to find phrases within the answers within the text – instead you need to work to your ability in locating synonyms for those phrases. This avoids you losing time looking for words that are not there!

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