As many as one hundred fifty female students of a gurukul school in Telangana’s Medak have been allegedly forced to get a haircut using the principal to save water within the hostel.

The incident, which reportedly took place days back at Medak’s Tribal Girls Gurukul School, got here to mild on Tuesday after mother and father of the woman college students visited the hostel on Sunday best to find their daughters with brief hair.

School predominant K Aruna had allegedly known as barbers to the hostel and then she forced the female college students to pay Rs 25 every, The New Indian Express stated in a document.

The dad and mom then staged a protest against the authorities-run group and college principle K Aruna for forcing their children to get a haircut mentioning water scarcity required for hair wash.

The faculty most important, however, said the selection became taken after the college located that many women were affected by lice infestation and other dermatological diseases. She added haircuts were given for higher hygiene of the lady students.

The major additionally claimed that the consent of students was taken into consideration before taking the choice, at the same time as including that water scarcity changed into additionally one of the reasons.

Meanwhile, the district management and welfare department have initiated an inquiry towards the principle of Tribal Girls Gurukul School.

C) Risk Taker
Another quality of a college leader is being a danger taker now not for himself/herself; however for his/her ingredients. The first-class chief is the only who tries to go the unchartered seas and see for himself what lies beyond. This is another extraordinary talent of being a pacesetter. Most of the instructional leaders are obedient, and they agree to the norm of the department. But amongst the ones many, a person must be brave sufficient to wave his would possibly and chance his activity just for the improvement of his/her school and those. The superb example of how the School Principal is risking his career is his/her selection to divert finances for any other tasks. This is a violation of the branch’s coverage. But now and again, a pacesetter ought to do the diversion for faculty development and college students’ academic development too. The School Principal’s position isn’t always simply an easy one because if his/ her choice doesn’t give the right consequences, then he/she might discover himself/herself in prison. However, the various School Leaders come to be a success because they have got with them the nice of being a hazard taker. They are taking risks of their abrupt selection on subjects of an immediate solution to a trouble. Example to that is sending to sanatorium an unwell pupil or a scholar who meets an accident inside the college premises with out discern’s allow. Another is to record to the Department of Social Worker and Development (DSWD) personnel of student’s case of parental abuse and to uniformed men of a drug addiction problem. These are the most effective few times of the risk-taking decisions of School Principal in his/her adventure of leadership.
D) An Eye and Heart for his/her People
The School Principal have to capitalize his/her own personnel. He/She must realize who his /her potential personnel are. He/She have to now not leave the ones non-acting ones but tries to think of remedies/ answers in making these people in his/her vineyard the great as possible. While giving better possibilities to the ones the appearing ones, satisfactory challenges or opportunities may also be given to the later. Aside from that, the School chief need to consider what joy, consolation, reward, incentives and award he/she ought to exhaust from his/her leadership for the betterment of his/her human capital. The feeling of self-consciousness of humans’ emotion ought to be profoundly taken into consideration via School Principal so that the harmonious relationship exists in the organization. School Principal ought to accept his/her weakness and have to listen to his/her humans so that everybody has a place in an corporation. By this, School Principal ought to not have simplest an eye fixed for the faculty troubles but a watch for his/her humans’s potentials, emotions and desires.
Do you have got these notable qualities? Then, you are now a sure candidate for school predominant’s task.
SUSAN TAN APAREJO is a Master Teacher II of Gingoog City Comprehensive National High School. She is likewise a College Instructor, and a Research Consultant.

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